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Textruta: Investing in east China 
- The Shandong province mainland’s richest 

Shandong – the mountain in the east – is one of mainland China’s richest provinces. It is leading in areas such as cotton and wheat production, gold and diamond mining. From a business point of view, big factories with famous brands are domination the province Now, the local government try to draw foreign investors, primary from Taiwan.

Shandong province, as seen from the communist HQ. Ready for your investment! 

Maybe you have heard about the refrigerator and washing machine producer Haier or the electronic brand Hisense. Both have their domicile in Qingdao, the Shangdong province’s eastern part. 

”It is factory that manufacture products and soul that creates brands”, says a sign at the entrance to Haier’s headquarter. That’s true. Even but China is a communist country, the capitalism is flourishing. The local governments are doing their best to attract foreign, mainly Taiwan-ese, investors. The baits are low salaries, good geographic position and the key factor – good political connections. To be successful in China, it is very important to be good friend with the people who are in charge, the member’s of the Party. Without their blessing, getting success will be hard – that’s what the history has shown.  

Brewery with important historic role

The brewery in Qingdao was founded in 1903 by German settlers. Today Tsingtao Beer is China’s biggest brewery. It has played an important historic role in the political game in the area.
When the Germans came to the city Qingdao about one hundred years ago, they brought many manners and customs from Europe. A brewery was started, which later was going to be occupied by the Japanese. Finally, the brewery became Chinese. During many years it served for almost all (98%) of China’s beer export. Its political importance may be explained by the beer’s importance for as well the Germans and the Japanese as well as for the Chinese.

No 22 – May 7, 2005